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Caravan Hire in Melbourne, Victoria

Caravanning Camping NZ Inc. is a commercial caravan hirer located in Melbourne, Victoria. We specialise in providing holidaymakers with the best varieties of caravans, whether traditional or lightweight.


Our Services

Our team is always more than ready to provide you with all the services you need on your next caravan holiday cruise. Our special offers include:

Caravans Hiring

Are you on a holiday date and would love to travel in a vintage caravan? Caravanning Camping NZ Inc. is here to fulfil your romantic dreams. We have a large selection of interesting caravans from which you can choose from to enhance your camping experiences with your lovely partner.

We also have a fleet of modern, lightweight caravans you can choose from for your holiday cruise. Our primary goal, as one of the best caravan hirer in town, is to ensure you enjoy your holidaying in great comfort and style by providing you with our well-equipped caravans.

Long & Short Term Rentals

In our bid to completely satisfy your needs and make your holidays absolutely enjoyable, we also offer both short-term and long-term caravan rental services at pretty affordable prices.

Amazing Camping Resources

We also provide excellent resources to make your holiday with your family an enjoyable one. We provide tips and suggestions on caravans, great campsites, and other amazing resources you’d need to make your travels and camping totally smooth. You can also contact us for firsthand insights to help you through your holidays. Our customer service team is always on ground, 24/7, to answer to your pressing needs.

Caravan Delivery

We can also help you in delivering your caravan of choice to your preferred location in Melbourne, Victoria, with just a little token.

Additional Services

We also offer some other interesting services in addition to the special ones already listed. These include:

Cute Caravan Accessories

We do not only offer caravan services to holidaymakers, but also provide a variety of amusing camping accessories like camping bracelets, hydro-cooling hats, and so on, to enhance your camping experiences.

Rent Your Caravan

We also offer peer-to-peer hiring services. If you have a rarely-used private caravan that you’d like to put up for rent to trustworthy users, you can contact our ever-ready team. We offer a completely safe method to clients who are willing to list their vans for rent with us. The advertisement, payment management, and cleaning of the van after use will be totally handled by us.

Repair & Servicing

Need to service or repair your private caravan? Well, don’t fret! Our team of professionals is extremely capable of servicing and fixing your vans in due timeā€”no muss, no fuss!

Why Choose Us?

Advance Booking

Do you have a holiday date fixed and would like us to prepare a caravan for you beforehand? We’re totally dedicated to ensuring you have the best of your holidays. This is why we’ve made it possible for you to book any of our caravans in advance. You can check through our fleet now to book any of your caravan of choice in advance.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately you make a choice so we can make it available for you, at the said date and time.

Group/Family Travels

Are you travelling with coworkers, friends, or family and would like to have to yourselves the best caravan with room enough to house all of you? Then, we would be the best option you can make. Our caravans are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a whole family.

Well-equipped Caravans

Not only are our caravans spacious, they’re also well-equipped with the necessary accessories and resources to make your camping experience an event you’d always love to relive again and again with your loved ones. By hiring from our fleet of well-equipped caravans at Caravanning Camping NZ Inc., you can still travel and experience outdoor living in the most comfortable situations

Affordable Prices

Camping is meant to be convenient and relaxing! This is why we offer all our classic caravans at amazingly affordable prices. Emptying all your savings is not the best way to cater for your holiday expenses.

Long-term Hire Discount

We want you to have enough money in the pocket for you to be able to create the best holiday experiences for yourself, your friends and family, which is why we’re also offering amazing discounts on long-term hires.