Best caravan parks in Victoria

June 8, 2015by BoldThemes20177

Outdoor camping is one of the most impressive ways to escape the hustle and bustle of life. They afford you the opportunity to have fun without any sort of distraction from work, family, and a whole lot of other annoying things.

You really don’t need a guide to having the best camping experiences on your next holiday. You can still have fun on your own in the best parks Victoria has to offer.

If you want to get away from your normal life, our list of some of the most interesting campsites in Victoria will help you to have a great time on your next holiday.

1. Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, The Grampians

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is what we’d describe as ‘paradise’. It is located just below an impressive mountain range. If you would like to settle back to enjoy viewing nature, this park might be the best option for that. They offer a few comfortable spots from which visitors can take in the natural and majestic view of the mountain. This location is a great place for your caravan holiday! You can even sit back and relax in or outside your van to enjoy the view of the kangaroos and echidnas as they meander freely in the park.

2. Johanna Beach Campground, Great Ocean Road

Need a campsite for your family and friends? Johanna Beach Campground might be just the perfect option for you, your friends and/or family. With its rainforest walking trails, you can get to experience the best of nature at this amazing park. This campground is parked with all the action you’ll need to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family. You can enjoy ocean life together and even surf the beach waves.

3. Killarney Beach Caravan Park, Killarney

A holiday at Killarney Beach Caravan Park is just the getaway you need from that stressful city life. This lovely park is located just about 280km from Melbourne, in a tiny interesting village on the coast. You can relax on the beachside with your lover and enjoy the “spiritual” view of the ocean. You’ll also be able to satisfy your taste buds with delicious local foods. This beach park is the most appropriate option for adventurers, especially those who love to swim and fish.

4. Tidal River Campground, Wilsons Promontory National Park

If you’re looking for somewhere to escape with your lover on your next vacation, then Tidal River would be the best spot for that. This park is one of the best known in town. Its widespread popularity is as a result of amazing its Tidal river, in which you and your lovely partner can swim. It also has a Norman Beach for fun surfing. You can also enjoy scenic walks with your partner while holding hands and occasionally kissing. Frankly, you really need to book this place for your romantic holiday!

5. Big4 Phillip Island Caravan Park, Phillip Island

Yet to find the perfect place for your next holiday? Big4 Philip Island Caravan Park might just be what you’re looking for. This is one of the most popular tourist locations in Australia, especially because of local fairy penguins that seem to charm visitors from different parts of the world. Big4 is situated on a nature reserve that’s quite close to Newhaven Beach and would be a wonderful spot for wildlife cruises in your van, beach days, walking trails, and so much more fun activities you’d like to enjoy.

These parks offer you the freedom and serenity you may not be able to come by in your home or anywhere else for that matter. They give you time to enjoy yourself, sometimes with friends or family, relax and do interesting things that can heavily outweigh the crazy life of the city and improve your general health.