Caravan Finance

Caravan Finance

Most times, people don’t get to go on their dreamed-up vacation on a caravan or motorhome because of the huge costs of purchasing or hiring one. If you desperately yearn to enjoy a night alone (or with your loved ones) under the stars in your own caravan or would like to take a family road trip but don’t know how to finance it, Caravanning Camping NZ Inc’s caravan finance policy might be a great option for you.
The truth is that there are enough caravans out there for everyone, whether for personal or business use; even though they may seem scanty or “unpopular“ to many Australians who love to camp at the most interesting campsites and take caravan cruises around the countryside. However, there’s more to holidays cruises and other enjoyable holiday experiences than just the caravan of your choice or the best campsites in town. Without enough money for the holidays, it’d be completely impossible for you to fully enjoy your holidays outdoors in a caravan or even acquire a caravan for yourself in the first place.

The least-expensive caravan you can possibly purchase would costs you more than $10,000, and usually double of that depending on the specs or whether it is new or old. We understand this fact and know that it might be quite an expensive ride for many; which is why we’re offering our caravan finance packages to help you create that home away from home you’ve always imagined for your next outdoor camping.

We have a range of finance packages that will meet your holiday needs, with convenient regular repayment plans to suit your budget. When you work with us, you can relax at home with the firm assurance that we’ll make your holiday dreams a reality for you, your friends, and family.

So, what is a caravan loan?

It is a kind of personal loan that we offer to holidaymakers who want to own their personal caravans, either used or new. This service allows you to borrow a certain amount of money upfront for your caravan of choice of which you’re to repay installmentally over an agreed period of time. This loan can only be approved to those who can afford monthly repayments until the final pay-off.

How does a caravan finance work?

Our caravan loans, at Caravanning Camping NZ Inc., is quite similar to personal loans in that you can borrow a stipulated amount to be repaid on a monthly basis for a specified duration. Our repayments are usually done monthly and the monthly repayment plan is dependent on your total loan and the amount you can afford to repay at the end of every month.

All you have to do is shop for your preferred van, confirm if you’re eligible, check your budget, apply for the loan, purchase the van, and, finally, refund the agreed money for repayment on a regular basis to clear for your personal ownership.

We offer 2 caravan finance options. They include:

Personal Loan:

This allows you to borrow for the purchase of your holiday caravan and motorhome upfront, whether for a new or used van. You pay this loan on a monthly basis and within a specified period of time.

Hire Purchase (HP):

With this option, you get to spread the cost pf your caravan over an agreed period of time and also pay a specified amount of money every month as repayment. This is closer to hiring, in that it allows you to pay Installmentally for your caravan while in use until you make the total payment, after which it fully becomes yours.


To apply, you’d be offered an eligibility form to fill. Usually, we have a wide range of products for both the working class and retired people. And, all you’d just have to do is to contact us to get started.

However, we expect you to have a regular income and a great credit rating.

Requirements for applying
  • A valid ID
  • Your current address
  • Your current income
  • Employment details
  • Bank statements