Jayco Conquest Motorhome

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Jayco Conquest Motorhome

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, you’d definitely need a perfect caravan, like Jayco Conquest Motorhome, which offers the best of comfort as you go on the road to the most amazing places in Australia.

Jayco Conquest Motorhome’s amazingly designed with the best caravan features, both in and out. The van’s premium interior features include a queen-size bed, a slide-out island for more space, and a quite spacious modern en-suite.

In fact, Jayco Conquest Motorhome comes with all the essential things you’d need on your travel. Included in its standard features is an electric bed with an innerspring mattress that can be controlled with just the touch of a button. This bed can also be easily stored away to create more space for you and your loved ones on your drive through the most interesting places in Australia.
This powerful RV combines functionality with some amazing features that are quite difficult to come by. The interior is designed in an even tone of modern style.

Jayco Conquest Motorhome’s built with to stand the test of time. This spacious, lightweight van’s constructed on a strong Renault chassis. So, it has the strength, power, and driving smoothness you’ll need for your travel.

It’s also built with durable aluminium-framed floor, dinette and bed frames, fibreglass fully insulated hail-resistant walls and roof, a solid ADR-approved door with gas strut and so much more to enhance the strength of the caravan.
The RV comes with a 120–watt rooftop solar panel, electric awning, and comfortable modern legroom with a complete entertainment system to keep you cheerful and thoroughly entertained with the best movies and TV shows.

In the kitchen are a four-burner gas cooktop and a grill, a sink, microwave, oven, 171-litre refrigerator, with plenty of storage space for you to store your food supplies.

A rearview camera is also attached to make reversing a handy business for you or the driver.